About Us


Who We Are

Mother Nature's Sugar's mission is to help the  world eat healthier, one spoonful at a time. Founder Mary Beth Woods, is  passionate about eating and living in a healthy way. Her passion for  healthy eating inspired the creation of Mother Nature's Sugar, giving  everyone a healthier sugar-substitute option.   

Our History

Mary Beth, along  with her husband, a professionally trained chef who specializes in  healthy cooking, have a passion of healthy eating for themselves and  their daughters. As a result of their food and nutrition research and  recipe development, is an incredible sweetener alternative with  nutrients. We wanted to feel better about the times we occasionally use  sugar and we want you to as well! Mother Nature's Sugar is made with  organic fruit and organic maple sugar. You can use Mother Nature's Sugar  in any recipe that call for sugar... simply substitute Mother Nature's  Sugar tablespoon for tablespoon, cup for cup, as an equal replacement  for sugar. Mother Nature's Sugar is also great in your coffee, or tea.  Put it on your cereal, granola, yogurt or in smoothies, and it's perfect  for all of your baking, and dessert recipes. I hope you enjoy it as  much as our family does!

Why choose us?

It is true that many popular sweeteners claim that they are made from plant.  However, the process to get the finished product involved so many chemicals that it is hard to believe they  can still be called "made from plant".  

Maple sugar is simply dried up sap  water.